On Saturday 10 February, our ballot committee member Dr Bea Vater-Dobberstein from Krefeld passed away at the age of 81. With her husband Axel Vater, she was also of great significance for our organisation, as well as for the art world. With her husband, she formed a close unit. Together they dedicated themselves to promoting […]

In memoriam Rob Voorhuis

On July 11, at the age of 78, our first main sponsor passed away. He devoted himself to putting Doetinchem on the map. He is seen as a connector. He set himself the goal of the city to an attractive center of the region. He did not limit himself to the preservation of characteristic characteristic […]

In memoriam Josef Müller

At the age of 86, German artist Josef Müller has died. He was among the regular participants in the Doetinchem period of Huntenkunst. From 1994 to 2006, he was a participant. Josef was into painting and printmaking. He had his studio in the art house Goldstrasse 15 in Duisburg. Josef participated in our event with […]

In memoriam Frans de Groot

Very unexpectedly, artist Frans de Groot died on 23 January at the age of 73. He was a regular participant of Huntenkunst. He visibly enjoyed participating in our event every year. As usual for him, he was already making plans for the next edition. Participating was definitely a serious business for him. As an organisation, […]

In memoriam Peter Aalders

On Thursday 24 November, Peter Aalders passed away after a short illness. He was a volunteer of Huntenkunst and was one of the members of our construction team. Especially the construction of the annual set-up of the hall for the Huntenkunst event requires energy and is tiring. For Peter, this was no objection. He went […]

In memoriam Leo Schreur

On 17 May our esteemed volunteer Leo Schreur died. He was involved in our organisation from 2012. In that year Huntenkunst moved from Doetinchem to Ulft. Because of the move new volunteers had to be recruited. One of them was Leo. From that moment on, he fully committed himself to our organisation. An intensive bond […]

In memoriam Ger Timmer

We received the sad news that Ger Timmer passed away on August 26. Less than a fortnight before we had visited him. It was a pleasant and convivial meeting, in which he gave the impression that he did not want to burden us with his illness and that he wanted to go on together. Typical […]

In Memoriam Frans Venhorst

Frans Venhorst died on Saturday 2 November after a short illness. He was a regular participant in Huntenkunst from the very beginning. The first time was our event in his hometown Veldhunten. Hence the name Huntenkunst. Frans also exhibited at “Galerie bij de Boeken” in Ulft (NL). He attracted attention with his work through his […]

In Memoriam Ellen Baptist

On Friday 31 May Ellen Baptist died at the age of 74. She was a valued, pleasant and loyal participant of Huntenkunst. Her work – mostly woodcuts – made an impression. Powerful forms and lines alternate in her performance. Also this year she would participate in our event, but she was forced to cancel because […]