In memoriam

In memoriam Peter Aalders

Peter Aalders

On Thursday 24 November, Peter Aalders passed away after a short illness. He was a volunteer of Huntenkunst and was one of the members of our construction team. Especially the construction of the annual set-up of the hall for the Huntenkunst event requires energy and is tiring. For Peter, this was no objection. He went at it fully and with pleasure. Many a panel went through his hand. The heavy panels did not stop him from doing so. There was an extremely pleasant team spirit within the construction team, in which he fitted in perfectly and added his own colour in his own way. Besides his commitment, he contributed to a special and pleasant atmosphere. Humour – so characteristic of Peter – played an important role, which also created a pleasant atmosphere. His jokes – sometimes with a naughty undertone – made the work of the construction team a pleasant affair. Without humour, he thought life was just boring. His laughter was part of that. As an entertainer, Peter knew how to captivate and attract attention in a pleasant way. With him there was always something to do. He was a special personality. It is well known that he not only volunteered for our organisation. For instance, he had his input in local sports activities. Among other things, he could be seen as well as heard on the football pitch. There, too, the grind had to be broken in his way.  Cycling was also one of his favourite sports activities. So to speak, he was a man of inexhaustible energy. He also enjoyed great fame as a singer because of his beautiful, characteristic and expressive voice. His performances knew many fans. In his singing, his pleasure, passion and his perception resounded. Fittingly, he bid farewell through his beloved singing in an impressive manner shortly before his death. It was not surprising that the farewell concert was fully booked in no time. The great interest in this concert shows what Peter meant to many. It was the last time, his voice was heard in public. It makes us grateful for his contribution to Huntenkunst. It is a privilege to have known Peter and that he was our volunteer.