In memoriam

In memoriam Josef Müller

At the age of 86, German artist Josef Müller has died. He was among the regular participants in the Doetinchem period of Huntenkunst. From 1994 to 2006, he was a participant. Josef was into painting and printmaking. He had his studio in the art house Goldstrasse 15 in Duisburg. Josef participated in our event with some of his art colleagues from that studio house. In 1994, his work was shown at the Ulft Gallery near the Books. Several times he was a participant of Die Grosse Kunstausstellung NRW Düsseldorf. From figurative work, he developed as an artist over the years to creating abstract work. His abstract paintings caught our eye. From those paintings, we got to know Josef. His paintings were mostly done in primary colours. He knew how to bring the various large areas of colour into a harmonious unity excellently. He was a much-loved artist. His friendliness and his positive attitude made him a welcome participant at Huntenkunst. He had a good relationship with the other artists. His accessibility created a pleasant atmosphere. That made him an excellent fit within the concept of Huntenkunst, where making a successful fair together is central. We have very fond memories of Josef.