In memoriam

In memoriam Leo Schreur

On 17 May our esteemed volunteer Leo Schreur died. He was involved in our organisation from 2012. In that year Huntenkunst moved from Doetinchem to Ulft. Because of the move new volunteers had to be recruited. One of them was Leo. From that moment on, he fully committed himself to our organisation. An intensive bond developed between him and our event. He soon became part of the core of our volunteers. His death is a great loss to our organisation. He fitted in very well with our team of volunteers. He contributed to a pleasant atmosphere and sometimes added a cheerful note. He was particularly fond of dealing with people. He was a hard worker, a real doer. His main concern was to be of service to both our volunteers and the participating artists.  Leo knew how to get things done. We could rely on him. He took great care in managing our inventory, repairing it when necessary or making the necessary adjustments. He spent a lot of time preparing the layout of the events hall. With Ben Kemperman, he formed an excellent duo. He devoted himself with love and devotion. Leo made, among other things, a carefully elaborated annual paper distribution of the panels to be used and of the corresponding components, so that the construction team could carry out its work in an efficient manner. Thanks to him we also got a good insight into what had to be purchased. Leo felt completely connected to Huntenkunst. Even on his sickbed he remained interested in our organisation and followed the developments. He was always looking for improvements. During the festival he was always helpful to the artists. Leo was very versatile. He became the technical contact for the participating artists. His helpful attitude is typical of his personality. We liked his independent approach, which relieved the organisation. He saw the problems and solved them. For Leo, it wasn’t just about talking, but above all about doing. This attitude created a positive atmosphere within the volunteer group. A pleasant atmosphere was important to him. He took his responsibility, which made it easy to work with him. He had good contacts with the business community. We made grateful use of that. We will be disappointed that we can no longer rely on Leo. However, we consider ourselves fortunate that we were able to get to know him, which we experience as an enrichment. We will remember him with gratitude.