In memoriam

In memoriam Frans de Groot

Very unexpectedly, artist Frans de Groot died on 23 January at the age of 73. He was a regular participant of Huntenkunst. He visibly enjoyed participating in our event every year. As usual for him, he was already making plans for the next edition. Participating was definitely a serious business for him. As an organisation, we experienced Frans as an amiable person. His smile was never missing. To us, he was a pleasant participant, characterised as a punctual artist. He was out to present his work with care. His modesty and delicacy graced him. Privately, he was inseparably intertwined with his friend the artist Josée Wuyts. Not only privately but also as artists they formed a close unit. Together, they worked on projects consisting of series of prints executed in various graphic techniques. At Huntenkunst, both always had a joint unit to further underline and express their collaboration. Their collaboration has now abruptly ended. At the upcoming Huntenkunst, Josée will present their joint work. It means a farewell to Frans.