In memoriam

In memoriam Ger Timmer

We received the sad news that Ger Timmer passed away on August 26. Less than a fortnight before we had visited him. It was a pleasant and convivial meeting, in which he gave the impression that he did not want to burden us with his illness and that he wanted to go on together. Typical Ger, wanting to make things pleasant for others so as not to burden the other. Shortly before our visit it was known that he could not get better. Afterwards our meeting turned out to be a final farewell. No doubt his death is a great loss to his wife Gonnie. For the organization of Huntenkunst he had become one of the important supports. He meant a lot to us and we will therefore miss him very much. We have come to know him as an amiable person on whom you could build. A fine bond developed in our collaboration. His complete dedication was aimed at further developing our event into a high quality art event. A carefully composed website could not be lacking.  His task was to give it form and content. The care of this medium was entirely in his hands. He took this task extremely seriously. Ger had an expert and extensive input. He took care of a good and responsible website all by himself. The site became the business card for our organization, which in a dignified way started to propagate our activity and it functioned as an excellent communication and promotion tool. The site also determines the image and in Ger’s opinion it should not harm the good name of our event. He therefore set high standards. Thanks to him the site got a new face and this was linked to a contemporary design: clear, accessible, artistically sound, informative, current and it also had to provide good PR for the participating artists. Thanks to Ger we now have a professional looking site, for which we receive a lot of appreciation. In all modesty he did his job. His efforts testified of his great involvement with our organization. As a layman, it escapes us that the proper maintenance of a website takes many hours. All this work was done by him as a volunteer. Nothing was too much for him. We are extremely grateful to him for that. We appreciate his competence, but also his obvious sense of responsibility. In addition, he was extremely tactical, a real connector and he was always easily approachable. He unfailingly sensed what was important for our activity. He shared the basic principles of our organization. We became convinced that both the positive characteristics mentioned and his qualities would make him extremely suitable as a board member for our foundation. Remarkable were always the pleasant meetings, which he knew how to frame in an attractive way. Ger would be an important enrichment for the Board. We were therefore pleased that he agreed to our request to join our Board. Unfortunately it did not come to that. We will have to continue without him. It feels like we have lost a precious friend. At the same time it makes us feel grateful for all that he has meant to our organization. We wish Gonnie a lot of strength in this undoubtedly difficult time.


Harrie Schenning

Chairman Huntenkunst