Huntenkunst 2018
Roemenië in the Picture

Romanian artists take centre-stage at Huntenkunst 2018

The upcoming Huntenkunst arts manifestation of 2018 will provide centre-stage to Romania, with platform initiative Witte Gallery from Bucharest and Ulft presenting work by participating Romanian artists at their temporary gallery at the SSP Hall in Ulft.

Each year, Huntenkunst draws special attention to a country of choice among those represented at the event. This year, the annual fair will highlight the work of participating artists from Romania. Art experts from Witte Gallery, a young and up-and-coming art space in Bucharest, will present the work at a specially designated pavillion at Huntenkunst. In line with and complementing this display run by Witte Gallery, Galerie bij de Boeken in Ulft will also be featuring exhibits by Romanian artists.

The Witte Gallery, a new arts initiative launched in 2016, focuses mainly on contemporary art. Horatiu Lipot, curator and manager of Witte Gallery since its inception, explains: "Witte provides a platform to promote the latest works in contemporary art from the Bucharest area. We spot new art, identify the most amazing artworks and promote these both nationally and internationally."

Following the completion of his degree in Art History at the National University of Arts in Bucharest, Horatiu Lipot spent 6 years working as a specialist in contemporary art at the largest auction house in Romania. As a curator, he stood at the helm of numerous art exhibitions at various locations throughout Bukarest.

Besides running a gallery, Witte Gallery offers Romanian businesses and individuals the option to rent artworks according to the special concept of AFYO, short for: Affordable Art For Your Office. As Horatiu Lipot points out, "Offering artwork via a rental principle such as AFYO means not only businesses, but also individual art aficionados gain access to recent works of modern European art." The rental collection consists of nearly 500 artworks from the 20th century, featuring, among others, Chagall, Dalí, Matisse and Miró

Horatiu Lipot, curator and manager of Witte Gallery Boekarest

Tentoonstelling Crop van kunstenaar Razvan Nastase in Witte Gallery