Diverse in style and technique

Huntenkunst is an art event, intended for professionally working artists and gallery owners. The emphasis is on the artists and their work.
230 artists from home and abroad will be presenting their work on 24, 25 and 26 May.

The origin
In 1993 Huntenkunst was held for the first time in the hamlet Veldhunten in the then municipality of Gendringen. Grateful use was made of the Ulft Gallery ‘Galerie bij de boeken‘. There is still excellent cooperation between both organizations. The character of pioneers in culture was further underlined by the fact that the first fair took place in a tent, where more than 80 artists from various countries exhibited their work.

Fixed concept
Huntenkunst wants to offer a platform to artists from all over the world. The event thus offers ample opportunity to make contacts. In addition, the organization wants to arouse public interest in contemporary visual arts. The aim is to offer diversity in both style and technology. The presence of the artist gives the visitor the opportunity to exchange ideas with the maker.
The international character of the fair is reflected in the fact that twenty-five countries are represented. Apart from the Netherlands, artists are from Germany, Austria, Sweden, Belgium, France, South Korea, Argentina and the United States, among others. Interesting are the different influences that can be discovered in connection with the origin of the artists. Every year a country is declared a theme country.

Finland theme country
This year eight artists from Finland exhibit their work. The Finnish pavilion will be centered in the exhibition hall. At the same time, they also exhibit in the Gallery at the Boeken in the DRU Cultuurfabriek. The exhibition is planned from May 20 to June 30 under the title “The Finns are coming!” During the opening, the ambassador of Finland Päivi Marjaana Kaukoranta and the mayor of the municipality of Oude IJsselstreek will speak to Otwin van Dijk.

New project
Special attention will be given to young artists at the upcoming event. A special pavilion has been designed, in which nine recently graduated artists can exhibit their work. The project is supported in part by the province of Gelderland.

Huntenkunst 2019 on CD
In 1999, Huntenkunst started publishing a CD on which, in addition to a resume, a selection of the artist’s work can be found. The publication can be considered as a contemporary catalog. In addition, the history of Huntenkunst and its method are briefly explained in words and images.

Where Huntenkunst comes to life
The SSP hall is a former production hall (5.500 m2), where the famous DRU pan was once manufactured. An “art village” will be built here at the end of May. The interior design ensures that the viewer always enters a new exhibition space. The “art streets” provide a society that puts color and form first. You are literally somewhere else, somewhere where wonder and beauty prevail and make you part of the inner world of your fellow man.