Huntenkunst 2025

The successful 2024 edition is just behind us. We have now started thinking about next year. The dates have been fixed and work is underway on a new country to take centre stage. The participation of Artez students was also pleasant and of a good level. We will definitely continue working on that. If you […]

Day 3 Huntenkunst 2024

This Sunday was a top day. Lots of visitors throughout the day.In a nice atmosphere, there was a lot of beautiful things to see. Art of good quality.On to next year.

Opening Huntenkunst 2024

The ambassador has a traditional cap and scarf as a surprise for Harrie Schenning, the chairman of Huntenkunst. Councillor Kok gets a nice bowl as a souvenir.

Bring your own drinking water

Contamination has been found on 21 off may,  in drinking water in the region that includes Ulft. People are advised to boil it for 3 minutes or bring their own water. Buying bottled water is also fine but it may be sold out in the Ulft region. The chance of getting sick is small but […]

Ambassador of Pakistan visiting Ulft

Today, 12 April, we were privileged to receive Ambassador Mr Suljuk Mustansar Tarar during a visit to the DRU. He was able to get acquainted with the organisation of Huntenkunst and the DRU. After a delicious lunch, we showed him the park and got acquainted with the Gallery and the SSP hall. He will return […]

Ambassador Pakistan on visit

Mr Suljuk Mustansar Tarar is Pakistan’s ambassador to the Netherlands since July 2021. Mr. Tarar writes on art and architecture. His book “All that Art” was published in 2021. He is very interested in art and enthusiastic about participating in Huntenkunst. On Friday 12 April, he will visit Ulft to get acquainted with the organisation […]

Information about the Pakistan artist

1.            AMMAMA MALIK Ammama’s artistry is a manifestation of her unwavering devotion to the timeless act of painting itself, an endeavour that pays homage to the core of this revered craft. Although her compositions and subjects are distinctly contemporary, she artfully places words and concepts in the background, allowing the rich strokes of her brush […]


Art in Pakistan While selecting the artists for the biennale I tried to select the artists from all the different areas of Pakistan, but the most important point I kept in my mind was to know the background of each artist, where are they coming from. Pakistan art is very resilient in general sense as […]

Huntenkunst 2024: Pakistan in the spotlights

Around 250 artists from all over the world will come to Huntenkunst 2024 to exhibit their works at the thirtieth edition of Huntenkunst in the SSP hall in Ulft. The artists come from 25 different countries. Every year the international art event has a theme country. This year, artists from Pakistan are in the spotlight. […]