More foreign visitors

During the 27th edition, Huntenkunst attracted more than six thousand visitors. There was work by 220 artists from 30 different countries. Central this year were artists from Finland. There was also a special pavilion for recent graduates at the ArtEZ Institute of the Arts. For years, art lovers from Germany have been able to find […]

Fit and measure

The SSP Hall will be full on Friday morning with participating artists from home and abroad. It is fitting and measuring to set up the stand properly.

Diverse in style and technique

Huntenkunst is an art event, intended for professionally working artists and gallery owners. The emphasis is on the artists and their work. 230 artists from home and abroad will be presenting their work on 24, 25 and 26 May. The originIn 1993 Huntenkunst was held for the first time in the hamlet Veldhunten in the […]

Finland in the picture

Every year a country is central during Huntenkunst. This year it is Finland. The work of 8 artists can be seen at a central point in the SSP hall from the land of the northern lights and the Nokia telephone.The Finnish artists are: Anna Aho, Elina Forsti, Ylva Holländer, Kirsi Porrassalmi, Marjaana Rantama, Timo Sailaranta, […]

Young talent

For the first time, special space has been reserved at Huntenkunst for young talent. Here 9 recent graduates of ArtEZ Institute of the Arts show their work: Romar de Bonte, Hella den Boon, Lente Brugge, Valentia Gal, Sanne de Haan, Rikke ter Horst, Florian Lau, Chantal van Lieshout en Ruben Planting. ArtEZ art school is […]

We cannot do without them

More than 50 volunteers are committed to making this international art event a success. They build the stands, stand at the counter, provide help as a first aid person, to name just a few activities. This allows art and artists to shine during Huntenkunst, and visitors marvel and make contact with the makers. One of […]

Hotbed for creativity

Harrie Schenning, chairman of Huntenkunst, aims to make Ulft a hotbed for creativity. With the event, the organizer hopes to be a source of inspiration for the emergence of other art activities that draw upcoming artists and art lovers to Ulft.The video was made by REGIO8, the regional broadcaster of the Achterhoek.

Romanian platform

During the 26th edition of Huntenkunst, Romania takes a central place in the art event. Witte Gallery from Bucharest will present the works of Romanian artists in its temporary gallery in the SSP hall in Ulft. Every year, artists from a certain country are central to Huntenkunst. This year they are Romanian artists. Witte Gallery, […]

Growing interest from abroad

More than 600 artists have registered for Huntenkunst 2018. The strong growth in foreign interest is striking. The ballot committee selected 220 artists from the submissions for an art event in Ulft. “The enthusiasm for Huntenkunst is growing every year,” said Harrie Schenning, initiator of the art event and chairman of the selection committee. “This […]