Huntenkunst moved to 2022

Huntenkunst cannot take place next month. The current corona measures do not allow this. The organization has decided that Huntenkunst will be moved to 2022. Next year the art event will take place on 20, 21 and 22 May. “It is important for the organization that visitors and participants can safely visit the event without […]

No Huntenkunst 2020

Huntenkunst 2020 cannot continue. To get the coronavirus under control, the Dutch government has tightened up the measures. No meetings can be organized until June 1. The Huntenkunst organization respects that decision. The annual art event in Ulft is a meeting place: between artists themselves and between artists and visitors. And this should certainly not […]

Roots and branches

The German artist Sabine Wolters is fascinated by roots and branches. A recurring motif in her work that can be seen until March 21 in the DRU gallery in Ulft. Wolters initially starts from thin, vulnerable-looking lines. They are spontaneously set up with pencil and chalk. She uses acrylic paint for the surfaces. Lines, structures […]

In memoriam Ger Timmer

We received the sad news that Ger Timmer passed away on August 26. Less than a fortnight before we had visited him. It was a pleasant and convivial meeting, in which he gave the impression that he did not want to burden us with his illness and that he wanted to go on together. Typical […]

In Memoriam Frans Venhorst

Frans Venhorst died on Saturday 2 November after a short illness. He was a regular participant in Huntenkunst from the very beginning. The first time was our event in his hometown Veldhunten. Hence the name Huntenkunst. Frans also exhibited at “Galerie bij de Boeken” in Ulft (NL). He attracted attention with his work through his […]

Looking back edition 2019

A photographic impression made by photographer Peter van Tuijl from the international art fair Huntenkunst 2019. Van Tuijl has since become a familiar face on Huntenkunst. He has exhibited his photos for many years at Huntenkunst, but he also captures the artists, his / her work and visitors during the art event.

In Memoriam Ellen Baptist

On Friday 31 May Ellen Baptist died at the age of 74. She was a valued, pleasant and loyal participant of Huntenkunst. Her work – mostly woodcuts – made an impression. Powerful forms and lines alternate in her performance. Also this year she would participate in our event, but she was forced to cancel because […]

More foreign visitors

During the 27th edition, Huntenkunst attracted more than six thousand visitors. There was work by 220 artists from 30 different countries. Central this year were artists from Finland. There was also a special pavilion for recent graduates at the ArtEZ Institute of the Arts. For years, art lovers from Germany have been able to find […]

Fit and measure

The SSP Hall will be full on Friday morning with participating artists from home and abroad. It is fitting and measuring to set up the stand properly.

Diverse in style and technique

Huntenkunst is an art event, intended for professionally working artists and gallery owners. The emphasis is on the artists and their work. 230 artists from home and abroad will be presenting their work on 24, 25 and 26 May. The originIn 1993 Huntenkunst was held for the first time in the hamlet Veldhunten in the […]