In memoriam Peter Aalders

On Thursday 24 November, Peter Aalders passed away after a short illness. He was a volunteer of Huntenkunst and was one of the members of our construction team. Especially the construction of the annual set-up of the hall for the Huntenkunst event requires energy and is tiring. For Peter, this was no objection. He went […]

A succesfull Huntenkunst 2022

A SUCCESSFUL 28th HUNTENKUNSTOn 20, 21 and 22 May Huntenkunst could finally take place again. Twice the event had to be cancelled due to corona. For the organisation the restart was an exciting matter. They wondered how they would get out of the corona crisis. How would artists and the public react after the interruption? […]

In memoriam Leo Schreur

On 17 May our esteemed volunteer Leo Schreur died. He was involved in our organisation from 2012. In that year Huntenkunst moved from Doetinchem to Ulft. Because of the move new volunteers had to be recruited. One of them was Leo. From that moment on, he fully committed himself to our organisation. An intensive bond […]

Opening Huntenkunst 2022

Friday at 16:00 Huntenkunst opens with this year’s focus country Estonia.

Huntenkunst 2022

HUNTENKUNST 20, 21 and 22 MayAfter two years no Huntenkunst, the event can take place again. Many artists have signed up. This year the festival has more than 250 participants. The SSP Hall in Ulft will be changed into a true ‘art village’. In May, artists from Estonia will take centre stage. Nine artists from […]

No Huntenkunst 2020

Huntenkunst 2020 cannot continue. To get the coronavirus under control, the Dutch government has tightened up the measures. No meetings can be organized until June 1. The Huntenkunst organization respects that decision. The annual art event in Ulft is a meeting place: between artists themselves and between artists and visitors. And this should certainly not […]

Roots and branches

The German artist Sabine Wolters is fascinated by roots and branches. A recurring motif in her work that can be seen until March 21 in the DRU gallery in Ulft. Wolters initially starts from thin, vulnerable-looking lines. They are spontaneously set up with pencil and chalk. She uses acrylic paint for the surfaces. Lines, structures […]

In memoriam Ger Timmer

We received the sad news that Ger Timmer passed away on August 26. Less than a fortnight before we had visited him. It was a pleasant and convivial meeting, in which he gave the impression that he did not want to burden us with his illness and that he wanted to go on together. Typical […]

In Memoriam Frans Venhorst

Frans Venhorst died on Saturday 2 November after a short illness. He was a regular participant in Huntenkunst from the very beginning. The first time was our event in his hometown Veldhunten. Hence the name Huntenkunst. Frans also exhibited at “Galerie bij de Boeken” in Ulft (NL). He attracted attention with his work through his […]