Huntenkunst 2017
Luxembourg in the Picture

Huntenkunst 2017 will be held on the 19, 20 and 21 May for the 25th time and for the sixth time at the SSP Hal in Ulft. This huge former factory hall is a listed industrial heritage building. Over 220 artists will have their own unit in this hall. The space is changed into an 'art village’. The artists themselves are present. They are from over thirty countries. The artists are also from outside Europe. Huntenkunst is a real international art event.


The selection will be made by an international committee which monitors the quality and diversity. It is all about comtemporary visual art. Applied arts will not be accepted.

Differences and interaction

Because various countries are being represented, it is exciting to discover the differences that are the result of the artists’ cultural backgrounds. Clearly recognisable in the work of Japanese artist Al Hagita is the influence of her home country. They reach the ultimate border of reduction. The shapes and forms are reduced to their essences. The work of French Christophe Carbenay tells stories. In a sketchy way his human beings pass in a kind of parade.

Huntenkunst the 'breeding ground’ for art

Huntenkunst is an intersting 'breeding ground’ for art, a platform. There is a lot to see and discover at the event. Artists get to know the artwork and colleagues from elsewhere. The different works of art are a source of inspiration. Gallery owners can also discover a lot. New initiatives emerge thanks to the artists. It is a beautiful platform.

Diverse in style

Both realistic and abstract work are represented at Huntenkunst. The representations in the paintings of Ben Bodt catch the eye because of the very realistic and perfect reproduction of reality. The abstract paintings of German Ruth Bisping imply movement because of the direction of the brush strokes.

Fascinating techniques

A diversity of techniques can also be seen at Huntenkunst. For instance the big steel and bronze sculptures by German Klaus M. Hartman. Christoph Wilmsen-Wiegmann likes hollowing out stones as much as possible so that a paper thin layer remains. A ray of light appears through the sculpture which creates a wondrous effect. Apart from that there are also for instance the refined etchings of Dutch Geurt van Dijk. The human being is often the starting point in his work.

Several photographers

Just like last year, several photographers will show their work at Huntenkunst. Although there are similarities, there are also clear characteristics which are linked to the producer of the pictures. German Ilse Gabbert translates the landscape of her pictures into a light play of colours, through which a connection with painting originates. The Greek Evangelos Koukouwitakis works with long exposure times through which the human poses imply movement.

Art machines

Dutchman Edo Hebinck creates imaginary machines out of different existing parts. His play is catching. It seems like a childhood dream came true.

Luxembourg in the picture

As of 1999 artists from a specific country are highlighted at Huntenkunst. This year this is the case with seven Luxembourg. At the centre of the hall the Luxembourg pavilion will be situated. During Huntenkunst they will also exhibit their work at the Ulftse "Galerie bij de Boeken" (Gallery at the Books in Ulft). The gallery has a space in the DRU Cultuurfabriek (DRU Culture Factory). The exhibition will be held from 15 May to 25 June and is titled ’The Luxembourgers are coming!’

In remembrance: Axel Vater

In 2014 German artist Axel Vater passed away. He had been of great importance to Huntenkunst. He had a seat on the selection committee from the start of the event. His dedication has been part of the reason why Huntenkunst grew into an important art event. Apart from his dedication to the arts he was also a versatile artist. His work will be shown during Huntenkunst at a special unit, in honour of Axel Vater.

Foto: huntenkunst-2017-shin-hye-park.jpg  Huntenkunst 2017: Shin hye park

Foto: huntenkunst-2017-setsuko-fukushima.jpg  Huntenkunst 2017: Setsuko fukushima

Foto: huntenkunst-2017-francois-besch.jpg  Huntenkunst 2017: Francois besch

Foto: huntenkunst-2017-iris-beiner.jpg  Huntenkunst 2017: Iris beiner

Foto: huntenkunst14_Koukouwitakis.jpg  Huntenkunst 2017: Koukouwitakis

Foto: huntenkunst14_ai_hagita.jpg  Huntenkunst 2017: Ai hagita

Foto: huntenkunst14_carbenay.jpg  Huntenkunst 2017: Carbenay

Foto: huntenkunst-2017-geraldo-feldstein.png  Huntenkunst 2017: Geraldo feldstein.png

Foto: huntenkunst-2017-peter-van-tuijl.jpg  Huntenkunst 2017: Peter van tuijl

Foto: huntenkunst14_prandi_gallina.jpg  Huntenkunst 2017: Prandi gallina

Foto: huntenkunst14_antonsendansen.jpg  Huntenkunst 2017: Antonsendansen

Foto: huntenkunst16_marcus.jpg  Huntenkunst 2017: Marcus

Foto: huntenkunst14_hartmann.jpg  Huntenkunst 2017: Hartmann